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Dan Bethel started in the financial industry back in 1976. As you can imagine, he has seen a lot of changes over the last 42 years! People are much more worried about protecting their money, and they tend to think more about making sure their assets last as long as they do. There is a new conservatism with retirement assets, something he understands and appreciates.

Dan changed his practice several years ago to focus on helping people protect their retirement money, in essence, to assisting his clients to not outlive their money during retirement. For Dan, it's about relationships, about getting to know people. He focuses on fixed assets, on income, and helping people to protect their retirement nest egg. Wealth preservation and financial security when looking at retirement planning is key for Dan and his clients.

Dan hosts Retirment Income Planning seminars, where he discusses the importance of having a plan to maximize your income in retirement. Dan also works with Federal Employees helping them prepare for retirement. Dan is an independent professional, meaning his advice is not dictated by any company or product provider. This enables Dan to give practical advise and always place his clients first.

Dan and his wife Joy just celebrated 50 years of marriage!  They reside in Queen Creek, AZ. Dan and Joy have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. His main hobby is spending time with his grand kids.

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