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Dan Bethel



Dan Bethel started in the financial industry in 1976. In the last 40+ years he has witnessed substantial changes in not only the financial
industry as a whole, but within the mindsets of his clients. While accumulation of assets was still a major concern for most people, it became clear that preserving those assets was becoming more important. Simply put, no one wants to outlive their money!

Conservation of assets is something Dan has years of experience managing. He understands the complex strategies that are required to put a solid financial plan in place. One that his clients can sleep better at night knowing they have someone on their side to help ensure the plan meets their needs and goals.

For Dan, it’s about relationships, getting to know people, their families, their goals and what they want out of retirement. He focuses on fixed assets, income and helping people protect their retirement nest egg. Ultimately he wants financial security for his clients so that they can
enjoy time with their children and grandchildren. His clients want to leave a legacy for younger generations to appreciate and learn from, and Dan strives to make that a reality.

Dan has co-authored the book, Safe Money, where he discusses the importance of keeping your  retirement assets safe from market loss and making sure you have a reliable, sustainable and guaranteed income in retirement. Dan is an independent financial professional meaning his advice is not dictated by any specific company or product provider. This enables Dan to
give practical advice and place his client’s needs first, always!

Dan resides in Queen Creek, AZ with Joy, his wife since 1970. They have three children and eight grandchildren together. His main hobby is spending time with his grandkids but he also enjoys traveling and reading a good book.

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